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Debt financing and restructuring

We offer advice on financing, both for the search for capital and for obtaining debt, according to the specific needs of your company (SMEs, large companies...). We also advise you on bank debt refinancing and debt restructuring processes. We have a team of professionals with knowledge of these types of processes and we take care of advising and accompanying you from start to finish. In addition, we act as independent experts in the review of business plans in refinancing and restructuring processes (IBR). Our interests are perfectly aligned with yours, offering you full transparency and security.

New Vision for Debt Financing and Restructuring

A new vision for financing has been marked by the new environment:

  • Increased complexity in the finance function, which justifies the need for professional support.
  • The financier must be based on a Business Plan, avoiding retrospective and patrimonialist analyses. In many cases it is necessary, at the request of the financial institutions, to submit Business Plan Review Report prepared by an Independent Business Plan Reviewer (IBR).
  • Banking sector more capitalized, but with profitability problems: the merger process continues and there is a risk of reduction of the total CIRBE.
  • Managers and analysts with very large portfolios, resulting in constant manager turnover. Large pools with small amounts.
  • Emergence of alternative financing providers, who work much more on the basis of business plans and propose much more structured equity and debt financing alternatives.
  • The new role of the restructuring expert who will act in the pre-bankruptcy area and will assume certain functions and participation in the preparation of the restructuring.

Private Debt


Public Debt

We have participated in the advisory for obtaining Public Debt, among others, with the following organizations: ICOs, SEPI, COFIDES; Next Generation EU, ELKARGI, IVF, AUTONOMOUS GOVERNMENTS.
We have also participated as independent experts in the review of business plans for some of these organizations (IBR).


Financing Itinerary

  1. Diagnosis
  2. Preparation
  3. Search for alternatives
  4. Negotiation and closing

We advise you throughout the whole process

Since the beginning of the State of Emergency decreed by the Government due to the Coronavirus crisis (Covid-19), our professionals continue working to attend, support and offer the best service to all those companies that need support or advice to reactivate and recover their economic activity after the economic standstill suffered.

How can we help you?

1. Search for Private Debt

We help companies obtain the financing their business requires.

More than 150 alternative financing providers

  • Knowledge of the extensive and growing offer of alternative financing (Furniture Leasing, Renting and Rent-back, Sales & Leaseback, Guarantees).
  • We find the most suitable option for each need
  • We adapt the information required by each supplier to maximize the success rate.

High relational level in all banking entities.

  • Access to Corporate Offices to increase the banking pool.
  • Direct dialogue with the Territorial / Corporate Management of each Entity.
  • Quality of our reports that facilitates the banking analysis.

Highly specialized team in corporate finance

  • Partners and commercial managers with solid experience in corporate and business banking.
  • Focus on the corporate client and long-term relationships
  • High level analysis team for in-depth economic-financial reports.

Debt Refinancing

  • Study of the starting position
  • Preparation of dynamic projection model
  • Definition of objectives and initial approach
  • Negotiation assistance and support
  • Refinancing closing

2. Search for Public Financing

State aid for companies and SMEs which have suffered the impact of COVID-19.

10,000 M€ - SEPI's Fund for supporting the solvency of strategic companies

Fund for supporting the solvency of strategic enterprises, endowed with 10,000 Million Euros of public funds. With this initiative, it will try to save companies which are considered strategic and which have been hard hit by the COVID-19 crisis.

7 billion - Direct aid to companies and self-employed workers

Companies that have suffered a drop of more than 30% in 2020. They will be distributed according to REACT EU criteria. The Autonomous Communities will be responsible for the processing, management and resolution of applications, payments and pre- and post-payment controls.

3,000 M€ - Refinancing of the guaranteed debt.

On three levels.

  • Extension of ICO loans.
  • Converting ICO loans into participative loans with public guarantee (equivalent to equity).
  • Ultimately, transfers to reduce bank and supplier debt. These amounts will be paid by the banks.

1 billion - Cofides Fund for the recapitalization of companies

  • Fund aimed at those companies which were viable before the Covid-19, which are in difficulties now, but which are not large enough to be able to resort to SEPI's $10bn fund.
  • They will be managed through Cofides.
  • They will be instrumented in Debt, Equity, equity hybrids or a combination of them.