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We provide pre-litigation advice, with economic, financial and accounting advice that allows an analysis of the probable value of a claim, collaborating to resolve a potential dispute in an efficient and effective manner.
Preparation of expert reports, with the explanation of complex issues in economic, financial and accounting matters that allow a good positioning and understanding by the Judge or Arbitrator. Accreditation of economic, financial or accounting aspects and evaluation and assessment of the damages of a claim.
Presentation both in court and arbitration of the expert's report with clarity and clarity of the arguments and conclusions obtained.

  • Quantification of Loss of Profit and Emerging Damages.
  • Investigation of socio-economic crimes (disloyal administration, misappropriation).
  • Breaches or divergences in the application of contractual clauses.
  • Reports on labor-related issues (dismissal/quantification of damages caused)
  • Corporate Intelligence (aimed at detecting and investigating anomalous connections)

Reports on financial products

  • We are specialized in the issuance of expert opinions on financial products, in the following areas:
  • Derivative financial instruments
  • Investments made under portfolio management contracts.
  • Suitability of investments to the investor profile
  • Structured investment products
  • Investments in Lehman and Icelandic banks
  • Preferred shares and subordinated financial contributions
  • Analysis of contractual clauses
  • Issue conditions contained in "Programme" and "Series Memorandums".
  • Multi-currency clauses
  • Floor clauses
  • Predictability of insolvencies and frauds
  • Emerging damages and lost profits
  • Company valuations
  • Review of CNMV sanctioning proceedings
  • Estimation of amounts in connection with advances paid by the buyer of a property to the developer.

Technological forensic

Expert analysis using computer forensics with the aim of clarifying possible frauds and identifying, preserving, analyzing and presenting the associated evidence in an appropriate manner.

Tools oriented to fraud prevention and monitoring.

We provide a customized turnkey solution, oriented to the design and implementation of an automatic and continuous monitoring model that alerts of any irregular activity within the organization.

Our value proposition

Our team of professionals Our team of professionals will help you address the potential risks and opportunities facing your business, with a unique combination of skills and advice.