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Transfer Pricing M&A / Corporate

Transfer Pricing M&A / Corporate

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and corporate internationalization processes require an exhaustive analysis of the transfer pricing guidelines that should be incorporated into the due diligence and planning processes of these corporate operations.

Special reports on Transfer Pricing Restructuring

We have lawyers and economists specialized in the analysis and validation of corporate, M&A and internationalization operations that, from a Transfer Pricing tax point of view, imply the existence of a restructuring whose justification and rationality must be proven before the Tax Agency. Likewise, we assess the possible requirement or not by the tax authorities of compensation for loss of future profits and assist in the reformulation and/or adaptation to the new structure of the Transfer Pricing policies in force up to that moment, all following the guidelines established by the OECD in chapter IX of its Guidelines.

Transfer Pricing Due Diligence

We perform due diligence processes in Transfer Pricing in order to analyze, identify and quantify the possible risks that may exist in a company as a consequence of the non-compliance with the existing documentation and information obligations. Likewise, we analyze the suitability of the Transfer Pricing policies applied by the target companies in order to set the risk of adjustment and tax contingencies in case of verification by the tax authorities.


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