Family businesses and estates

Family businesses and estates

The family business represents more than 80% of the total number of companies operating in Spain, and for this reason it requires a special involvement from the professionals of the Legal and Tax area of PKF Attest. A large part of our clients are family businesses, so we have first-hand knowledge of their specialties, and we have top-level professionals who can advise on the different spheres of relations of this type of companies:

  • in the family business itself,
  • in the relationship of the ownership with the company and its managers, and in the relationship between the
  • in the relationship between the owner family and the company.

Our tax and legal advisors advise the ownership and the managers of the family business to ensure its preservation, so that the family legacy can reach the next generation in the same or better conditions. To this end, we work on figures specific to this type of companies such as the preparation of a family protocol, revision of the bylaws to adapt them to the particularities of this type of companies, organization and advice both in the family council and in the board of directors, or the preparation of the testamentary dispositions of the property.

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