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Information Systems Consulting

At PKF Attest we add vision to your business from the standpoint of specialized consultants, who are well aware of the opportunities the new technologies can bring you, without distracting you from your day-to-day work, and who can contribute knowledge based on our experience.

Economic and financial management is key to guaranteeing your competitiveness, continuity and development. PKF Attest offers you a global view of the economic and financial management process which underpins organizations’ strategic management and ensures profitability, liquidity and excellence in business management. 

How we can help you:

Strategy and systems plans

These align the targets and guidelines of organization with the company’s general objectives.


  • Diagnosis of the current situation
  • Analysis of technological scenarios
  • Preparation of the master plan
  • Implantation of information systems

Strategic Information Systems (SIS)

The SIS project aims to design and develop a complete Strategic Information System model considering the specific features and needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, based on low-cost tools which help companies to make decisions.


  • Diagnosis and design of a SIS
  • Implantation of methodology and computer tool
  • Evaluation and monitoring
  • Monitoring and analysis

Management Systems

These can boost global customer/employee satisfaction and continually enhance the corporate image.


  • ISO 20000 certification
  • ISO 27001