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Organization and People Management Consulting

We have created an Organization and People Management System that provides maximum professional and technical solvency. This enables you to optimize tasks to achieve maximum efficacy, efficiency and productivity.

Aware of the need to help its clients to create value for their businesses. PKF Attest has created a service company model that assures its clients of a quality service and maximum professional and technical solvency, so that the services will always have the ideal solution for their problems and needs. With this end in view, it has integrated the services of ULIKER, an Organization and People Management Consulting firm that has long experience in designing and implementing a systemic integrated model, which ensures strategic management of people, and in designing organizations and in directing the organizational development processes required to guarantee that the organization and its staff will always adapt to the company’s needs, demands and opportunities as it aims to assure and improve its competitive position.

The union of PKF Attest and ULIKER has led to the creation of an excellent team of professionals from different areas of management and it has established a network of expert collaborators which it relies on to guarantee its clients a global solution to their problems.


Strategic people management

  • Designing the people management strategy
  • Company values and culture

Integrated Workforce Planning

  • Workforce planning
  • Sizing, modernizing and rejuvenating workforces

Integrated People Management

  • Diagnosis of the people management function
  • Model for integrated people management

Training and Development

  • Attracting and retaining talent
  • Strategy and training scheme

Organizational Structures

  • Design and implementation of organizational structures
  • Analysis, description and valuation of posts
  • Design and execution of change and organizational development processes
  • Organizational efficiency studies
  • Design and execution of plans for company head offices

Competency-based Management

  • Design of the company’s wage policy
  • Design and implementation of incentives systems and variable remuneration
  • Studies on wage gaps
  • Performance evaluation systems

Salary Policy

  • Design and implementation of a competency-based management system
  • Evaluation systems for professional development
  • Designing and planning careers

Environment and Working Conditions 

  • Studies on the work climate
  • Internal communication
  • Labour relations framework

Legal Advice and Personnel Management

  • Integrated Advice on Labour Law and Social Security
  • Integrated Management Service for Personnel Management

Technology and People Management

  • Solutions for integrated people management