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Audit And Verification

We are fully aware of how important it is for organizations to provide the markets with reliability and transparency to facilitate decision making. For this, in PKF Attest we have a team of experts in auditing and verification, as well as in other areas relevant to the context of these services. A multidisciplinary team that will ensure the highest quality in the execution of the work and that will allow us to provide additional value to the professionals involved.

PKF Attest is characterized by a work based on professionalism, customer service orientation and a deep ethical commitment, which has allowed us to have a high reputation level.

Annual Accounts and Financial Statements

Because it is increasingly important for organizations to provide reliability and transparency to the users of information, in PKF Attest we understand the importance of selecting an auditor.

At PKF Attest we are convinced that we will be able to provide a fruitful collaboration with our clients, both with regard to the specific audit of annual accounts or other financial statements, as well as in the identification of opportunities and improvements that may become apparent during the course of our work.

EINF Verification

Nowadays, non-financial information of organizations is becoming more and more important in order to offer greater transparency in relevant aspects such as, for example, environment or human resources, to the different stakeholders.

In PKF Attest we have a multidisciplinary team of auditors, environmental and people management experts, to carry out the established verification work.


At present, a very significant part of public expenditure is materialized in the form of subsidies and/or public aid, which are framed in different programs (international, European, state, autonomous or local). Among the obligations of the successful bidder is the justification of the costs incurred in carrying out the subsidized action.

In this context, the supporting account associated with a subsidy/grant must be verified by an auditor. Thanks to our experience in this matter, in PKF Attest we will help you by facilitating in time and form, the verification of the fulfillment of the corresponding requirements for obtaining the subsidy.

Shopping Centers

Our expert auditors of premises located in shopping malls, train stations, airports, etc. have more than 30 years of experience in conducting operational audits, audits of shopping mall owners' communities, design of variable income systems, etc.

Procedures applied:

  • Inspection of the premises
  • Verification of accounting records
  • Analysis and verification of the volume of income in relation to sales.
  • Comparison of the tenant's cash closings.
  • Analysis of personnel expenses in relation to sales volume
  • Calculation and analysis of the commercial margin
  • Comparison of the evolution of the ratios