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Compliance and related-party transactions

Compliance and related-party transactions

The current economic and global environment has accelerated the internationalization and digitalization processes of companies, exponentially increasing the number of transnational intra-group operations and the operational and regulatory risks linked to the new approaches to International Taxation and Transfer Pricing.

In turn, the increased knowledge and sophistication of the tax authorities, makes it necessary for companies to adopt compliance models that anticipate and identify potential risks.

How we can help you:

  • Preparation of documentation

Preparation of documentation on related-party transactions at group level (Master file) and individual entities (Local file), with the support of our international PKF network.

  • Preparation of forms 231 and 232

Assistance in the preparation and filing of Form 231 - Country by Country Documentation (CbC - Country by Country) and of the Informative Declaration of Related Transactions - Form 232.

  • Risk report

We perform a risk analysis in order to verify that the accounting, contractual, documentation and tax aspects of the company's Transfer Pricing are properly aligned, as well as to ensure that the pricing policy is in line with the most current standards set by the OECD in this area.

  • Training

Training courses for the company's internal teams on Transfer Pricing obligations and risks.


From PKF Attest legal and fiscal we help you to know the administrative obligations of the related operations of your company to avoid any infraction and its consequent sanction.