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Analytical and management accounting

There are numerous potential benefits of having a well-designed and correctly implemented analytical and management accounting system. The information provided by the management system facilitates decision making, decisions that have a greater support, security and argumentative basis and are far from intuitions or perceptions. Likewise, it facilitates to know with precision the costs and profitability of the different products and/or clients, the correct valuation of the stocks, and useful information to be able to fix the prices of sale of the products in the elaboration of commercial offers.

Design and preparation of scorecards

Having an analytical and management accounting tool will in turn allow the design and development of a scorecard containing all the key indicators that a business needs for proper decision making.

Design of an analytical accounting in connection with the ERP implemented or to be implemented.

We have a multidisciplinary team with technical and economic-financial knowledge that allows the design of an analytical and cost accounting for its subsequent implementation with the ERP that best suits the customer's needs.


Our value proposition

The advice of our professionals is backed by an extensive network of firms. This gives us better access to foreign buyers, investors and local knowledge, while allowing our clients access to a wider group of targets.