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Grants and Incentives to R&D&I

Our work aims to ensure that our clients’ research, development and innovation projects come to fruition and that funding is not an obstacle to their business targets.

The public administrations have a wide range of financial tools designed to accompany companies at the different stages of their R&D&I projects. These tools differ depending on the region.


  • We advise you on the best combination of capital grants, loans and tax incentives, so that you can conduct your R&D&I projects without financing limiting your company’s objectives.
  • We accompany all our clients in the process of obtaining and managing all the public incentives related to R&D&I which the different administrations place at the disposal of companies, technological centres and universities. To achieve this, we work with the main bodies driving innovation at the state level (MINECO, MINETAD, CDTI, ENISA), at the regional level (SPRI, BEAZ, ACCIO, IVACE, ADE, Castile and Leon Autonomous Government, Canary Islands Government, INFO MURCIA, Extremadura Autonomous Government, AGENCIA IDEA), and in the European arena (HORIZON 2020, LIFE, ECB). We even help you in the internationalization of your company (ICEX, OEPM).
  • We collaborate in the entire innovation process and in structuring a global plan that enables efficient management of the expenses and investments in R&D&I, maximizing savings through tax incentives, and minimizing spending through grants and financing. Moreover, there are some incentives for making it easier to obtain working capital at the times when it is necessary for the company’s progress.

Tax Deduction

There are tax incentives for spending on R&D&I from the different competent treasuries and as much as 42% of expenditure may be deducted from the Corporate Tax liability.

We assist you in the process of qualification and certification of your R&D&I activities so that you can obtain the binding reasoned report, which is the best guarantee for the Administration, so that you can take advantage of this deduction in Corporate Tax.

We advise each client on the best way of structuring their projects to apply for the tax incentive and on how to use the incentive.

Allowance for Research Personnel

We are experts in applying for and managing the Social Security allowances for research personnel. This tax incentive allows companies to directly deduct 40% of the common Social Security contingencies for staff exclusively engaging in R&D activities.

  • We help you to implement the methodology required to compile the evidence from the research personnel.
  • We collaborate with our clients in their obtaining the certification.
  • We defend the allowances for research personnel
  • We manage the formalities for obtaining the Innovative SME Stamp so that you can reconcile the allowance with the deductions for R&D.

Private Financing for R&D&I

Private financing for R&D&I activities receives tax incentives and is beneficial to both the investor and the research entity.

We help R&D-intensive entities, with a large volume of rights to tax deductions, to obtain liquidity by privately funding their activities. In conjunction with the investment funds with which we collaborate, we see them through the entire financing process for the R&D&I projects from the definition of the project, its preparation, the search for investors and the preparation of contracts, giving them tax advice and preparing the application and management of the tax guarantee associated with each operation. 

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