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Administrative Law

PKF Attest’s professionals in Administrative Law assist companies and private individuals in their relations with the Public Administrations, helping them to achieve their goals and defending their interests.

Respect for legality is the mainstay of all relations with the Administration. However, conflict might be inevitable due to differences in criteria as regards the regulation of some situations.

What we offer you:

PKF Attest offers professionalism and great rigour in both the prior legal study and in how it is approached in administrative channels, in administrative court proceedings, and constitutional proceedings

Continuous updating and specialization potentially aimed at justifying the fact that the criteria applied are in line with current legislation. 

Re-establishing the administrative legality infringed by the Administration, thus restoring to all those who might have been disappointed the legitimate confidence they once had in the authorities’ actions.  

Advice on such complex issues as public contracting, subsidies, town planning, and competence.

Lastly, experience with our private clients has led us to advising public bodies. This gives PKF Attest full knowledge of the organization and functioning of the Public Administrations and so we can provide our professionals with all-round knowledge of all aspects of Administrative Law and give a better service to those who need it.