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Data and Analytics

At PKF Attest we are specialists in undertaking transformations of management information systems, using advanced data analytics as the main enabler.

What we do

Our clients’ interests and ours are aligned

Developing data analytics projects enables you to anticipate decision-making and optimize processes. The goal is to focus on the processes that affect the income statement, trying to increase sales and/or reduce costs.

The range of possibilities we offer through advanced data analytics covers:

  • All sectors (industry, financial services, insurance, media, transport, energy, healthcare, etc.).
  • If it is used, it enables you to offer leveraged competitive advantages, such as: prediction of demand, predictive maintenance, quality control, fraud detection, analysis/optimization of operation in the process industry, knowledge of customers, forensic analytics, etc.

Our services:

  • Strategy and transformation: Undertaking a transformation process to include advanced analytics in the company’s most important processes enables you to make a qualitative leap from both the strategic standpoint and at the division level (marketing, sales, production, logistics, R&D, IT, etc.).
  • Advanced analytics: Our data scientists are experts in artificial intelligence and they use machine learning and deep learning techniques to develop predictive and prescriptive models. This provides your customers with tools to support complex decision-making from an analytic standpoint.
  • Data engineering and implementation: Adding advanced analytics to customers’ DNAs involves defining and developing the capture and massive processing of data for subsequent analysis. Our experts at PKF Attest cover the entire life cycle of the data, defining the processes to be developed and implementing the Big Data technologies that might be necessary (Hadoop, Spark, NoSQL, etc.).

Our team

Our team are experts in Big Data technologies and data analysis, with over 15 years’ experience in consulting and in the IT sector, servicing companies in such varied sectors as retail, banking, industry and technology companies. It also has an excellent track record in diagnosing the level of maturity of companies in the Industry 4.0 concept and in defining strategic plans so that it can be more efficiently adopted.