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Tax and Accounting Management

Our financial accounting outsourcing services help your company, no matter its size or industry, to comply with accounting standards serving both national entities as well as companies abroad (branch offices, subsidiaries, permanent branches).


  • Bookkeping
  • Balance Sheet
  • Corporate tax planning and liquidation
  • Legitimization of the annual accounting books before the Commercial Registry
  • Preparation and deposit of Annual Accounts
  • VAT settlements, annual summary and declaration of operations with third parties
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Declaration of intra-community operations
  • Rent withholding settlement, annual summary and 15-T certificates
  • Assistance and defence against Tax Inspections Authorities
  • Assistance through economic/administrative procedures, requesting as many appeals and presenting as many pleas as necessary, as consequence of occasional conflicts derived from any inspection/tax verification.
  • Support, assistance and solution of telephone or e-mail enquiries.