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Labour, Tax and Accounting outsourcing services

At PKF Attest we process monthly your company’s payroll and we offer the labour advice you need. We also provide accounting and tax advice services for companies.

Administration and Management Services

More and more companies are outsourcing payroll management to specialized companies. At PKF Attest, we prepare your company’s payrolls every month and we offer you the advice you need on labour matters. We also manage companies’ accounts and taxes.

Labour Management

At PKF Attest we offer an integrated service with a view to simplifying processes, optimizing costs and obtaining a better service.

We take care of payroll management and the following labour formalities:

Registration and deregistration of employees:

  • Management of registrations, de-registrations and changes in workers in the Social Security’s General System.
  • Preparation of labour contracts, following official models, for all types of contract.
  • Registration of labour contracts at the Public Employment Service
  • Preparation of severance payments and company certificates
  • Processing subsidies for hiring, and studying allowances


  • Preparation of payslips (salaries: monthly payments, bonuses, backpay, variable remuneration)
  • Preparation of lists for payroll accounting, drawn up according to the client’s needs
  • Making bank remittances for the payment of salaries
  • Calculating employees’ Personal Income Tax, according to their family situation and revenues


  • Control and preparation of lists of expiries of temporary contracts
  • Preparation of lists of any type of information related to personnel and salaries included in the database

Social Security and Personal Income Tax:

  • Preparation of old Social Security contribution forms
  • Monthly preparation of the advance payment of Personal Income Tax withholdings (forms 111/216) and preparation of the annual summary of Personal Income Tax withholdings (forms 90/296). State and provincial.
  • Preparation of the earned income certificate


  • Any formalities with the Tesorería Territorial de la Seguridad Social (TGSS), the Servicio Público de Empleo (SEPE), the Instituto Nacional Seguridad Social (INSS) and mutual companies
  • Advice and formalities in expatriate labour matters
  • Processing temporary disability reports and reports on accidents at work
  • Labour inspections
  • Settlement of social insurance

Accounts Management

Our outsourcing services for financial accounting help your company, whatever its size or its sector of activity, to comply with accounting obligations, providing service for companies in both Spain and abroad (branches, subsidiaries, permanent establishments):

Our services focus on:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Closing accounts on accounting dates
  • Planning and settlement of Corporate Tax
  • Legitimation of annual account books at the Registry of Companies
  • Preparing and depositing annual accounts
  • VAT settlement, annual summary and statement of transactions with third parties
  • Statement of intra-EU transactions
  • Settlement of withholdings for rentals, annual summary and 15-T certificates
  • Assistance and defence in tax inspections
  • Assistance in economic-administrative channels, presenting any appeals and allegations that may be opportune, as a result of possible conflicts stemming from any tax inspection/review.
  • Support, assistance and resolution of telephone and/or email queries