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Capital Grants Audits

Our auditing services for capital grants focuses on analysing whether the projects financed meet the conditions established by applicable EU, national and regional regulations.

Review of the account justifying capital grants

Today a very large part of public spending is in the form of capital grants and/or public aid for certain activities, sectors or geographical regions. This aid generally falls within different programmes (international, state, regional or local), which establish their own evaluation, monitoring and control criteria. One of the bidder’s obligations is to justify the costs incurred to develop the subsidized project.

In this context, the supporting account associated with a capital grant/aid must be checked by an accounts auditor registered as practising in the Official Accounts Auditors’ Register, which depends on the Audit and Accounting Institute (Instituto de Contabilidad y Auditoría de Cuentas), as established in Order EHA/1434/2007, of 17th May.

Our services:

  • Checking compliance with the regulations applicable to entities in the public sector.
  • Checking that the entity correctly and appropriately obtains and uses the aid, capital grants, monetary contributions and guarantees received from the public sector, and verifying the reality and regularity of the operations financed with them and the fulfilment of the obligations and conditions established for obtaining, receiving or using them.
  • Verifying the degree of compliance with the agreements, commissions or programme contracts signed by the entities.

Contribution of the audit report

The auditor performs the necessary checks to issue a report that helps the body awarding the grant to check that the justification is in order.

Data processing audits

We compile and assess evidence to determine whether the information systems and associated controls are optimal for attaining your business’s goals and whether they prevent or, at least, identify and correct undesired events.

Our services:

  • Designing the technological audit plan
  • Information systems
  • Data Analytics in Audits
  • Continuous and remote audits
  • Business processes
  • Software audits
  • Data quality
  • Technical audits on compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation
  • Systems migration
  • Technological projects