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Audits of Annual Accounts and Financial Statements

Our expert auditors review and check annual accounts and financial statements or accounting documents, drawn up in compliance with the regulatory framework established by Spain's Accounts Auditing Law and its Regulations.

We perform annual accounts audits in the following cases:

  • Compulsory annual accounts audits
    Companies which meet the limits for the compulsory annual audit have to present an audit report on the annual accounts and the annual accounts of the audited company at the Registry of Companies.
  • Voluntary annual accounts audits 
    Entities which fail to meet the requirements mentioned above but which still wish to be audited.
  • Consolidated annual accounts audits
    In the same way as in compulsory audits, groups of companies are obliged to furnish this type of report when they meet the established limits for two years in succession. The assurance of having financial statements checked by our experts is an additional advantage for the market and over competitors. We help the company to enhance the efficiency of its internal control systems so that it is more aware of its strengths and weaknesses.
  • Audits of IFRS/US GAAP financial information
    In the current interrelated global market it is essential to speak the same financial and accounting language, to be familiar with the most complex cases in international regulatory contexts and know how to interpret them. Being a member of the PKF International network enables us to verify financial statements thanks to this global coverage and profound local knowledge.
  • Reports related to stock market listings